HAPPInez magazine - march 2018

Open your heart!

We are honored to be featured in Happinez magazine! Our beautiful Rose Quartz necklaces look stunning on this shopping-page. Find our jewelry in the Happinez 2-18.


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Vrouw glossy magazine - february 2018


The Air Element jewelry seen in VROUW Glossy magazine! Shot at the Jokulsarlon lake in cold Iceland. This glacier lake is filled with large chunks of ice and known for it's amazing beauty. Our Rose Quartz balance necklace is featured in the winter editorial for this Dutch magazine.

Rose Quartz is known to be the stone that opens and warms the heart. Might be the exact thing we need during those cold winter days! 

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Love, The air element


Credits: Photography: Feriet Tunc

Styling: Jacqueline van de Ree

Hair & Makeup: Bart Brom



Beautiful powerwoman Renate Gerschtanowitz wearing our Amethyst necklace on Shownieuws!

This cute little necklace is adjustable and can be worn as a choker or on a 40 cm length.

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Flair Magazine

The Air Element Druzy stone bracelets are featured in Flair Magazine!

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The Air Element