About us

At The Air Element, we just love raw, natural stones and crystals. Through traveling between bustling cities and crowded apartments, our founder Jacomien first discovered these calming beauties in Cape Town. The stones made her feel good, and she decided to share the love. It’s why all the jewels in our shop are formed by nature. We believe in their special energy and spend time and care creating the most beautiful products for you.


Wearing a natural stone perfectly fitted to who you are comes with a soothing happiness and can give you an instant confidence boost. By being in contact with different cultures and meeting a variety of wonderful people, we surround ourselves with the experiences of others.

A genuine interest and two feet on the ground do the rest. With The Air Element, we’d love to share that love and energy with you!


We invite you to take a look in our shop to discover that simple beauty. If you have any questions, remarks or just wanna share some thoughts, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Enjoy shopping!


Love, The Air Element 




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The Air Element